About Us

Simon Javor and his wife Izzy are the owners of Early’n’Fresh.
Simon has been in the fruit and vegetable industry since 2001. Way back then it was his dream to supply homes with fresh fruit and vegetables directly from the wholesale market, and with a friend created The Home Fruit Supply. At the height of that early venture supplying well over 1000 homes in the south east of Melbourne, the idea of wholesaling became a passion.
The business grew rapidly and The Home Fruit Supply started delivering and servicing a wide range of restaurants and cafes throughout Melbourne.

So after concentrating on wholesale thereafter with The Home Fruit Supply until 2010 and managing another wholesale business for 6 years thereafter, the perfect platform was set to start Early’n’Fresh.

Concentrating on South East Melbourne and country Victoria, Early’n’Fresh started trading early 2017 and now happily supplies over 100 cafes, restaurants, catering businesses and schools. And we are just getting started.

Obviously with Covid-19 thrust upon us so suddenly, we had to change the way Early’n’Fresh went about things.

So once again for Simon back to home deliveries,  just how it all began in 2001. This time though, a website and customers being able to choose exactly what they want which was a difficult task 20 years ago.

We pride ourselves with always delivering our customers with the freshest and best quality produce. To ensure the freshest possibly quality we buy daily at the Melbourne wholesale market.

The decision to start our own business again comes from our love for quality produce and the amazing things that you can create out of it. We are passionate about food and we love to share this passion with you.

Simon is our expert when it comes to choosing and buying the best quality produce for you. Izzy on the other hand will look after Marketing, Social Media and the like, and last but not least we proudly present the little man who might be the future CEO of Early’n’Fresh (unless his NBA career has taken off).

Simon Javor, owner of Early’n’Fresh